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Online training for practicing acupuncturists and other therapists - up to 1 yr

The question was once asked, how long does it take to become a master in acupuncture? The answer is, a lifetime of learning. This course, open to qualified acupuncture practitioners and other therapists, offers an important step in your constant learning programme and aims to provide you with a greater depth of knowledge and understanding to further enhance your practice.

Online Acupuncture Training

By taking part on this course you will increase and widen your knowledge of the science of acupuncture by understanding the power of the Five Elements and how this can benefit your patients. The result is being able to provide your patients with a balanced, complete diagnosis and treatment. This is a five-module programme consisting of a 500 word assignment at the end of each module, related to your style of acupuncture. Assignments are all personally marked with constructive feedback provided.

Course modules

  1. Explores the essence of each of the Five Elements covering: seasonal influences, functions of Officials and association of Colour, Sound, Odour and Emotion (CSOE) supported by stimulating discussion and inspirational quotes.

  2. Investigates the function of each official from the Five Element perspective.

  3. Examines the clinical implications of treatment and protocol for: clearing major blocks, deficiency and stagnation of Qi and Blood, heat in the blood, phlegm and damp, for each of the five elements.

  4. Explores the diagnostic tools and energetic dynamics of Colour, Sound, Odour, Emotion (CSOE) along with       practical exercises to develop diagnostic clinical skills.

  5. Investigates the influence of food on our health and how food can strengthen the Five Elements.


The course length is approximately 80 hours in total and has been specifically designed so that it can be studied at your own pace. Typically students take between 3 and 12 months to complete the course and it is expected that you take no longer than a year. 

Assessment & Certification 

There will be a 500 word assignment at the end of each module related to your style of acupuncture, with constructive feedback from your course tutor.


On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate in Five Element Acupuncture Theory.  It is understood that by completing this programme you have been introduced to the Five Element Acupuncture (theory only) but cannot claim to be a Five Element Practitioner. 



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