Two year diploma in The Cotswolds or Cornwall

This two year diploma in acupuncture offers the perfect gateway to a career as a holistic practitioner. Providing an entry level qualification into the highly rewarding acupuncture profession, this course is suitable for a wide range of learners. From career changers totally new to acupuncture through to practicing acupuncturists keen to learn the Five Element style of treatment, the only pre-requisites are a strong desire to help people and a commitment to study this fascinating form of medicine.

Providing a blended learning experience, with one weekend a month spent in class supported by weekly online study, the emphasis is on professional practice. The monthly classes are held in either Cornwall or in The Cotswolds and all students receive Network Membership plus professional insurance to practice upon completion of training. 

Michael Baker Acupuncture Tutor
Who is this course for? 

This course will suit you if you are any of the following:


  • Career changer 

  • Part-time business

  • Retired and looking for part-time employment

  • Established health professional looking to extend your knowledge 

  • Practicing acupuncturist wishing to learn the Five Element style of treatment

  • Therapists with a desire to add another discipline into their practice

Study time

Your personal study time will amount to approximately 40 hours per month carried out by online e-learning. In addition, it is expected that you attend class in person one weekend a month. 

Course content

1st year course modules:

  • Acupuncture Theory

  • Clinical and practical skills 

  • Point location and energetic structure

  • Practitioner development

2nd year course modules:

  • 1st year learning into clinical practise

  • Traditional diagnosis

  • Additional meridian channels 

  • Treatment planning 

  • Intro to Western Medicine (including red flags)

Assessment & Qualification

Continued assessment of written assignments will be carried out by your course tutors throughout the course. Practical clinical skills assessments will be conducted at the end of Years One and Two. Upon completion of the two-year course, and successful completion of the practical skills assessments, graduates will be awarded a Diploma in Five Element Acupuncture – with permission to practice. Graduates will also receive a year’s free membership of the 5 Element Acupuncture Network.


The course fees of £15,000 are payable quarterly over the 24 months duration.